What Omamori is and why to use it.

Omamori is an amulet, but not something for bad luck, instead it’s a life phylosophy.

It’s sold in front of the temples and it’s blessed, inside it has always a good omen pray.

Given my knowledge of colour on a more spiritual level, i’ve created my Omamori, linked to the meaning of colour.

It’s a way to stay connected with your own energy, with the vibration of that colour, with that sentence that makes you think.

I make them by hand, individually, and inside i put a note with the affirmation linked to the meaning of that color.

The affirmation given with the Omamori, has a reflective value, as a mantra to use for one’s deep well-being, it’s an inner process but also an awareness one.

I search and purchase fabrics abroad, in those stores that have this type of Japanese fabric, to keep its originality. Color has his own vibration, his wavelength and to choose that particular color that ring out with one’s self, make sure the message is the one needed at that moment.

I’m a color therapist and still today, after years, although i’m sure that the color is always right, i get surprised about the beauty of vibration that always develop inside people when they choose the Omamori.

You have to keep Omamori closed for one year since you bought it, 365 days have to pass, the four seasons, what is created is a rhythm, you have to reflect on the affirmation, that’s why it’s always better to have an eye on your Omamori, in your car, in a book, inside your bag, on the desk….

After one year you can open the bag, you take out the note and you burn it, in silence, saying thanks for what you got. In Japan they used to bring the bag back to the temple that provided to burn it, but today is no longer done, the bag is kept in a beloved place, and collected.

You can buy it for yourself or as a gift, in that case i’ll support the person in its choose.

HOW TO CHOOSE, listen to the audio guide: :

Look at all the Omamori, put the right hand on your heart and choose with the left one the color that catch you.

You can’t read all the affirmations and then choose, it’s not right and above all it’s not chosen with the right energy but instead with your mind.

If you’re in doubt, between two colors, the first one you like is always the right one.

If it’s a gift, I answer on messenger privately, to give an advice. I’m always available to give an advice or for a personal consultation, and for that you have to send me an email.

An Omamori cost 18€ including shipping costs.